Yahaan Sabki Lagi Hai 2015

Ratings: 4.1/10
Released On: 27 March 2015
Genre(s): Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Movie Star Cast: Varun Thakur, Eden Shyodhi, Heerok Das
Directed By: Satavisha Bose, Cyrus Khambata, Satavisha Bose, Cyrus Khambata

Story: YOU ARE HERE is an allegory on the journey of life, especially at times when one feels victimized or shortchanged. The film looks at the way we so casually live in a class system built on blatant economic and social disparities, the way we so want to be fooled by our belief systems. By exploring a counter-point for every point, the film subtly questions not only our material value system but also our emotional value system. The plot revolves around a road trip gone wrong. The idea was to keep the seriousness of the situation but present it in a humorous manner with characters, plots and nuances that are realistic but at the same quirky and humorous, leaving the audience with a feel good buzz.

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